Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Job, Headline Writers

Very poetic, ABC News. Maybe invest in a thesaurus, though?

#2:This has been on the Daily Beast for days. I guess Tebow's been busy! I assume he wasn't rescued, but was the one doing the rescuing.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Shingles

One of my personal notable events of 2011 was getting ye olde shingles. By request, here's an account:

Day 1: "Ew, what is this rash? It must be from the heat." [Ignores the fact that she never got a rash from heat while living in Texas, carefully cleans and airs out rash with blithe confidence that will do it.]

Day 2: "Wait, why is it WORSE?!? I was being so nice to it!!"[Resolves to go to doctor once the weekend is over, mostly enjoys Packers Family Night in spite of being itchy and stingy in the heat and, later, pouring rain]

The face of a person who is stoked to be at Lambeau Field, but is also secretly pretty uncomfortable. (Me, not Neal.)

Day 3: "Less worse than yesterday! Hooray?"

Day 4: Doctor: "That's shingles." Me: "SHINGLES?!? No, yeah, actually that makes a lot of sense." Doctor: "Take these horse pills."

Days 5-8: [Has exact right amount of sick time to sit on the couch, feeling sorry for self and watching Project Runway (season 8)]

And then the horse pills worked! The end.
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